Friday, February 28, 2014

Rain Finally in San Diego Area!!!!

Today I had to go into town - I live in the desert and any time I have to go into town it is a two hour drive. I run a paper route with my sexy hubby and today we had to go collect the quarters from the newspaper machines from our second part of the route and it was raining and the winds were very strong. I drive a PT Cruiser and on the way back from collecting I lost control of my car and ended up in a ditch. My car tires were covered by mud and my front of my car was in a big pile of mud and leaves. 

My hubby and I are fine and once I hubby pushed our car out of the ditch it was fine to. I then had to run quite a few more errons and the weather keep getting bad. I was a nervous wreak driving in it and saw many accidents.

I was very glad that all that happened to us was skidding off into a ditch with no one harmed and no damaged done to the car

We are very lucky and the rain is doing us good to, people just have to remember to sow down and not be in a hurry.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I have returned

Hello everyone, sorry I have not been posting for a few months but I have had so many medical issues going on that I had to just take a break and take time for just me. 
I am now on a 21 day of de-cluttering my home and life and am doing pretty good. it is day 13 and I have my master bathroom and bedroom all done and my sewing room. 

I am also working on the de-cluttering of my computer and for the last two days I have been cleaning my Pintrest so that I can have it more functional for me to use and so that I can promote better in there. 

I have also loaded a lot of apps on my phone to make it more usable when I am out of the house for my business and my medical.

I would like to share some of my latest items that I have in my Etsy shop 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Melody's Easy Recipes: :: It’s got to be (gluten) free ::

Melody's Easy Recipes: :: It’s got to be (gluten) free ::: Flourless Chocolate & Hazelnut Cake (GF) :: flourless chocolate & hazelnut cake (gf) w/max brenner crunchy chocolate marbles...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Busy sewing for Borrego Days

I have been sewing a lot of stock for Borrego Dys that is October 25th through the 27th.

I have made 12 quilted mini tree skirts, more plus size aprons, halloween harness and service and therapy dog covers. I also have to get more dog jackets, tote bags, wheel chairs and walkers organizers, and reversible aprons.

The hardest part with all of this is getting the perfect pictures of my items and the description of them so that they will sell on my Esty shop. I can sell in person my items but I am still having a hard time getting sales in my shop.

I keep trying different things to get sales but they are still not working. Dose anyone have anything that has helped get some sales?

Here is a few pictures of my sweet girls that like to help me sew

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Zipper's Creations shop on Etsy: New Sewing Room

Zipper's Creations shop on Etsy: New Sewing Room: Hello Everyone, I am sorry I have been away for a while, this illness that my hubby and I have been fighting for almost two months is finall...

New Sewing Room

Hello Everyone, I am sorry I have been away for a while, this illness that my hubby and I have been fighting for almost two months is finally gone and I am getting my house back in order (I almost hired a maid to come clean my home while I have been sick - haha). 

I have my new sewing room all put together and took pictures of it. I am so very excited with it, I really look like I have my own business as a seamstress, it looks so professional. I am very happy to work in my sewing room, I have so much inspiration in here.

I have 6 weeks to go before the Borrego Days event that I will be a vendor at this year. I am sewing non stop now to get a very large stock for the event to make sure I don't run out of anything, so I don't lose a sale. I will be have the reversible aprons and dog jackets and the reversible tree skirts, but I am also creating new items to sale. I will be sharing them as I get them done.

Here is some of my pictures of my new sewing room and my sweet fur-babies.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Zipper's Creations shop on Etsy: Mini Christmas Tree Skirts

Zipper's Creations shop on Etsy: Mini Christmas Tree Skirts: I have gotten almost 5 quilted Christmas tree skirts done. I found out last year that a lot of people live in small places and can only have...